Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dog Park by the Beach

When the pups were done with the beach, they played in the dog park next to the beach. They liked the water fountain too.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So We Went Away...Catching Up

December saw a great deal of snow with the depth on our deck being close to 2.5 feet or even more.

Here is a view outside through the screen. The puppies did not know what to do with so much snow but eventually created a circular track and ran around it for exercise. It was very cute.

Christmas rolled around and we finally managed to put up our tree... only to have everything scattered as we opened presents.

We then went away to Florida with Chloe, Tuppy, and Audrey. Ming stayed behind to enjoy Christmas with the Hills, westie lovers. Ming had a great time getting all the attention to herself.

While in Florida, we discovered a great dog beach. The puppies and Audrey saw the ocean for the first time and enjoyed running up and down the beach as they met new dogs. Chloe "drank" oceanwater only to discover it did not taste good at all. Tuppy ran as fast as he could then stopped to sniff the seaweed. Audrey was a lady as she walked along- she made sure the puppies did not go too far.

Here are a bunch of random photos from that day:

This is Chloe sitting and relaxing after a good run.

This is Audrey, cooling off after a good run. Notice how her ears are back? I have been told that this is a Donnybrook trait.

Here is Tuppy resting but not really. He's looking around for some fun to be had.
More beach photos tomorrow...