Sunday, August 24, 2008

On Final Summer Break

We are taking it easy the week before summer unofficially ends.  

Back to posting after Labor Day!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

More Photos Since Leaving the Nest - Julep!

Julep (a.k.a Sprite) checks in. She is adored by her caregivers. There was a bit of concern as a Lyme disease vaccine did a number on her and produced a negative reaction. But that is behind her and she is as "spritely" (pun intended) as ever. We are so happy that we have all these update photos of Ming's offspring. We hope that they keep coming!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Duncan Checking In

Well, it's been a couple of days since the Dunc-meister has left mom and Audrey. He finds in his new home that he is the second Westie. Maggie is his housemate and reports are that they get along fabulously! We are thrilled to hear this as Duncan is a very social boy and loves to have people and other Westies around.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Now I've Almost Seen It All - Westie Driving

Ah wasting time on Youtube.  What did we find?  A Westie driving a vehicle.  Of course this one isn't really doing the driving but a memorable and intriguing image nevertheless.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Audrey and Ming

As the days progress without departed sibling Duncan, we find Ming and Audrey interacting more and more. At times we found it necessary to crate them and since we only had Ming's crate when she was a puppy, it was necessary to get another one. To be sure, Ming's crate has served all puppies very well. We used it as a transition holding area when cleaning the larger pen.

As you can see, the new crate is about the same size as Ming's. But there isn't a sense of property as we see that Audrey makes herself at home in Ming's crate. Honestly, Audrey spent a good portion of her life in Ming's crate so she doesn't know any better.

Beyond crate confusion, Ming and Audrey have been playing. Westie insiders and dog-owners in the know also call this teaching.
Ming and Audrey quite often chase each other and at times Ming tries to "round up" Audrey. However, Audrey is fast in her own right and gives mom Ming a run for her money.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fresco of Riley

A member of our family just bought Photoshop and decided to play with it. Here is a picture of Riley as a fresco.

The Names - A Recap

Ah, nine puppies - what an experience. Duncan is gone and Ming and Audrey remain. So there are so many names being thrown around we thought it would be great to summarize who is who. We'll do this in order of leaving the nest.

  1. Black = Casey
  2. Yellow = Piper
  3. Yellow-Black (a.k.a Bumblebee) = Tucker
  4. Yellow-Green (a.k.a Sprite) = Julep
  5. Green = Riley
  6. Pink-Black = Abby
  7. Pink-Green = Sophie
  8. Green-Black = Duncan
  9. Pink = Audrey

Monday, August 18, 2008

Good Bye Duncan (Green-Black)

Duncan is the last to leave the nest and today, he is headed south. As one of the three males in the brood he was the one of the pack that wanted to be heard. He adores to be with people and has kept his sister Audrey company as their siblings departed. This afternoon, he makes his journey south. Through the weeks, he has grown on us through his affection. He certainly got along with mom Ming.

Here is a look back at the Dunk-meister.

And a recent photo. Of course if you've been following this blog you saw him in several videos.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Sunday Video

We've been away for a week and left Ming and puppies at a friend's house for care.  They had a wonderful time and were the center of attention.  We're told that the neighborhood kids were going over to the friend's like clockwork for the dogs' daily walks.  There is no doubt that the puppies loved being in the hub bub.  What we noticed was that the puppies grew.  They also weighed more!  Mother Ming keeps her eye on them.  Duncan (previously known as Green Black) will be departing for his new caregiver today.  More on that later but here is a video. We first start off with Audrey (yes we finally named her) with the belly being rubbed. Duncan is the still one staring at the camera while Audrey  is chasing the camera.  

Friday, August 8, 2008

New pictures - Casey

We're continuing to get pictures of the puppies that have left the nest. Recently, we received two of Casey. Casey was the first to leave the nest. Judging by the pictures, she, like all her siblings have turned out to be very pretty.

By the way - the Olympics started today! Friday - 8.8.08

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Car Ride and Genetic Sleeping on The Back

The puppies (Duncan and Audrey) took a visit to the vet to get some scheduled shots. The drive was long and probably monotonous so they caught a little shut eye. We spied them having a great time sleeping. As always, sleeping on their back seems to come natural to them.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Submission and Dominance

Sometimes dogs feel their way around to see what their state in the household is. Sometimes they try to be top dog (pun intended) but as we know they cannot. Overtime, we humans assert our authority as the "alpha" and our pups know that. In a show of submission, they roll on their backs exposing their belly - a very vulnerable state. Here we have Ming and Duncan rolled over. We'd show Pink also but she has a stubborn streak and quite frankly, the camera shutter cannot keep up with her.

While the puppies are used to each other in nearly four months of life, they sometimes play and attempt to assert their dominance. Here is another scenario in which Pink is happily owning the dog bed. When Duncan comes in, they seem to want to play but also are positioning on owning the bed. It looks more fierce than it was. Ah the day in the life of a puppy.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Random Video of the Two Puppies and How Well They Walk

Yes, summer is passing quickly and the two puppies (as well as their siblings) are getting bigger and bigger. We've opened up the pen again to let them lounge in the day time to soak in the sunny day (in air conditioned splendor). The one that you see jumping alot is Pink (yet to be fully named) and Duncan (Green Black) is in the back tearing up the hippo. Note at the 53 second mark in the video how many times Pink uses her left paw - cute huh?

We took a long walk today around the neighborhood with mother Ming leading the way. The trek was probably about 1/2 mile and the puppies kept up the pace. Duncan was a tireless walker always trying to catch up to mom. Pink was a true trooper as she kept right along side. We were surprised that at the end of the walk, the puppies would have any energy at all but sure enough, they are prancing around and playing. We anticipate that they will sleep well tonight!