Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wow Is That a Sausage or a WESTIE?

If you are feeding your dog raw food, the recommended daily amount of food for your dog is as follows:

Puppies (Weaning—6 months) 5 - 7% of Body Weight
Adult Dogs (Over 6 months) 3—5 % of Body Weight
Inactive Adult Dogs 1-3% of Body Weight

Audrey weighs about 14 lbs. was starting to look like a little sausage. To our chagrin, we realized we have been overfeeding her. We have scaled back her food intake to about 4% of her body weight. Here is a chart:

For the puppies:
10 lbs - 4.80 ounces to 8.00 ounces per day
11 lbs - 5.28 ounces to 8.80 ounces per day
12 lbs - 5.76 ounces to 9.60 ounces per day
13 lbs - 6.24 ounces to 10.40 ounces per day
14 lbs - 6.72 ounces to 11.20 ounces per day

I feed them in the morning and in the evening with snacks in between if they look hungry. By snack, I mean green beans, cabbage, carrots, several pieces of dry dog food, etc.

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