Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Still No Movement But More Nesting

In spite of the widely held belief that weather impacts birthing, Ming is not having any of it. A cold front has been hanging around here for a couple of days and we were hoping that this would stimulate the birth but our Ming is chugging along normally. Of course when she naps, her snoring is distinctly different from her non-pregnancy snores. These pregnancy snores are a bit louder. We captured her in the picture below in a quick nap moment. Note the wider body area.

From the front, it appears that she hides her pregancy well.

But from the back, it's pretty apparent.

Still, we are a little more encouraged to see her nesting. What you see below is kind of messy. The 'before' picture the night before was a bit more tidy. As the time nears, we anticipate that she will be shredding the newspapers.

Oh well - we will all wait this out.

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