Saturday, July 18, 2009

Too Much Togetherness?

We thought we'd experiment and turn the tables around on the bigger dogs. Rather than have the puppies come out and interact with Ming and Audrey, we wanted to see what would happen if it were the other way around.

The first few moments were somewhat strange as the puppies would follow them around. Ming had been in there nursing before and she was fine with it. As the puppies would follow her to nurse, she was explicitly avoiding them (trying to wean them you know). They also saw a big flash of white and followed Audrey. Needless to say Audrey felt confused as she was sniffed at. She too jumped around. But the pen was also intriguing because she also remembered the hippo from her younger days.

However as time passed, things were getting calmer. As there were some balls which Audrey and Ming honed in on, the bigger dogs started chewing on them and the puppies were fascinated. They also wanted a piece of the action.

Eventually Ming got bored but Audrey was having a grand time with her half-siblings. No more running around the pen but Audrey being the center of attention and all the puppies around her and nudging at her. They enjoyed having the big sister around.

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