Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fall Walk - Observations

Fall is here and the brisk walking of four Westies are a challenge for one person. Therefore two Westies paired with each human make it more manageable.

Here is a recent picture of the puppies (Chloe on left and Tuppy on right). As we walked the neighborhood we found that the puppies are more comfortable with Ming and Audrey leading. Tup and Chloe love the outdoors and seem to have boundless energy. But that's not to say that they were pulling their leashes. Rather they kept pace with the Ming and Audrey, never trying to catch up to them or overtake them.

When the positions were swapped where the puppies led, they slowed down and constantly looked back towards Ming and Audrey. Insecurity perhaps. Regardless, Westies do like the outdoors.

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