Sunday, March 27, 2011


Our very own Audrey (Pink from Ming's first litter) went into labor on Thursday, 3/24/11. Her water broke around 8 pm and 2 1/4 hours later, a little boy arrived. Then they kept arriving until the very early morning of 3/25/11. This is our first litter where we have two birth dates. Little blue was born first and has Thursday, 3/24/11 as his date of birth. The rest has 3/25/11. Audrey is the proud mommy of 3 boys and 2 girls. Grandma Ming is eager to see them but will have to wait a little while. Audrey wasn't looking too keen about anyone coming by (except her caregivers) so we asked all to please wait at least 4 weeks to see them. She is a very practical and purposeful mom. She knows what she has to do and does it. Here is a picture of the new pups having some nourishment.

Audrey likes to hug them- we have several photos where they are in the crook of her arm. Also, I am convinced that dogs can do math! I remember when Ming used to do this, and now Audrey...they go out to potty and then run back in to be with their babies. When they arrive, they look in the whelping box and look around for their pups. Today, one pup was under the pig rail and Audrey could not see him. She kept looking around as the numbers did not add up. She started looking outside the whelping box. I asked her to go in and showed her the puppy under the pig rail. She then did a recount and was satisfied. Maybe westies should handle the polling boxes in the future.

Here is Audrey before she was so exhausted from whelping puppies:

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