Saturday, April 26, 2008

End of Day 2 - A Tiring Day

Ming had a hard day today. She was panting - whether it was too hot from all those puppies who want to get fed or just the pain of giving birth + the C section. She has been a champ throughout. Today, it seems her maternal instincts kicked in as she wanted to ensure that all her puppies were with her. When we took one away, she perked up and was visibly stressed.

This was really apparent as we tube fed some of the lower weight puppies. The puppies do object loudly and Ming is very sensitive to it. Aside from this, she has a healthy appetite as she has been eating voraciously. Her meals consist of chicken and rice mix with dry dogfood + a topped off with a helping of yogurt (plain).

During the night time tube feeding, the puppies were protesting but Ming was out like a light.


Robert said...

Ming must have a hard time taking care of her pups.What did you name the pups or did you not yet name them?Bradlee actually typed this.

Gigi said...

We want you to know what an extraordinarily beautiful job you are doing showing the world the wonders of the beginning lives of 9 precious Westie puppies. Ch. Madelynn, mommy of Ming, was a wonderful mom of 6, and the innate maternal instinct was so prevalent. She was so attentive to every need her babies required of her, and one can readily see by your videos that Ming emulates her mother in every way.