Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Audrey and Ming

As the days progress without departed sibling Duncan, we find Ming and Audrey interacting more and more. At times we found it necessary to crate them and since we only had Ming's crate when she was a puppy, it was necessary to get another one. To be sure, Ming's crate has served all puppies very well. We used it as a transition holding area when cleaning the larger pen.

As you can see, the new crate is about the same size as Ming's. But there isn't a sense of property as we see that Audrey makes herself at home in Ming's crate. Honestly, Audrey spent a good portion of her life in Ming's crate so she doesn't know any better.

Beyond crate confusion, Ming and Audrey have been playing. Westie insiders and dog-owners in the know also call this teaching.
Ming and Audrey quite often chase each other and at times Ming tries to "round up" Audrey. However, Audrey is fast in her own right and gives mom Ming a run for her money.

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