Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Random Video of the Two Puppies and How Well They Walk

Yes, summer is passing quickly and the two puppies (as well as their siblings) are getting bigger and bigger. We've opened up the pen again to let them lounge in the day time to soak in the sunny day (in air conditioned splendor). The one that you see jumping alot is Pink (yet to be fully named) and Duncan (Green Black) is in the back tearing up the hippo. Note at the 53 second mark in the video how many times Pink uses her left paw - cute huh?

We took a long walk today around the neighborhood with mother Ming leading the way. The trek was probably about 1/2 mile and the puppies kept up the pace. Duncan was a tireless walker always trying to catch up to mom. Pink was a true trooper as she kept right along side. We were surprised that at the end of the walk, the puppies would have any energy at all but sure enough, they are prancing around and playing. We anticipate that they will sleep well tonight!

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