Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Hippo Revisited - Trying to Relive the Past

You know when one has a camera and great subjects, they just shoot away. Frequent and long time readers of this blog will remember the many photos we took when the entire bunch was growing up. During Julep's (formerly known to us as Sprite) stay with us, we got to reminisce when she was a puppy and exchanged stories among each other. One favorite picture came to mind in which she was sleeping on a purple hippo toy. She was zonked out while her siblings were active. It was a great moment. We had close-in shots (seemingly serene) and as we zoomed out, the observer can see the impending fracas. In the fracas are Duncan (left), unknown puppy(right), and Riley (about to jump into the fracas).

Step back with us and read this post (click here) to get a better appreciation. The puppies were about a month old then.

For those who want instant gratification, here are some selected pictures from that post.

Fast forward to the present time as we try to stage a similar shot. Well as you can see, it's the closest we can come as it's hard to get an energetic puppy to cooperate. By the way, she did remember the hippo and played with it for some time.

And of course here are the obligatory on the back shots.

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