Monday, September 29, 2008

Last Day of Julep's Visit

Well, Julep is going home today and it has been a wonderful couple of weeks. She has socialized and bonded with her family, specifically her sister Audrey. They do everything together. Whenever we spy on them, they're usually playing with each other. Whether it's rolling around, chasing each other or eating from each other's food dishes, these puppies enjoy each other's company. So here is a blast and a look back of them together in some shots we took a couple of days ago. Below photo - Julep is on left.

Below: Ming is snoozing while her mischievous puppies try to wake her. Audrey is next to Ming. They quickly made their escape when Ming woke up.

Below: Julep is in back. It's not often when we can get still shots of both of them together. Notice Audrey's nice beard (not quite Maynard G. Krebs yet) growing in. It'll disappear when she either shaves or gets more hair.

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