Friday, May 2, 2008

Day 8 - Happy One Week Birthday

Today (Friday) marks the one week birthday for the brood of nine. It's hard to imagine that only last week there was quiet and Ming was waddling along looking like she had swallowed a watermelon but still good natured. Pattie Marks, a well respected long time breeder and owner of the sire (Nevin - A'Hylan Full Moon A Ris'n) for these puppies, joined us in the long vigil through the night. Bleary eyed after the puppies were born on the afternoon of Friday, April 25, we still had energy to rejoice in this miracle.

Each puppy is growing well and, as strange as it may sound, they now actually look like mini-dogs. Some like to sleep on Ming's paws, some like to sleep on his littermates, another likes to sleep on her back. Ming is a WONDERFUL mother, just like her own mother (who had a litter of six puppies). She loves each of her puppies and actually appear to count to make sure they are all there if she happened to be away to go potty. She eats a lot and is gaining some weight back. However, most of it is going to milk production. Sometimes, the puppies can be a bit "rough" when they are drinking their milk but Ming does not let it bother her.

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