Monday, May 12, 2008

May 12 - Ming Zhu??

Ming means "bright" in Chinese (the character is a combination of the character for the sun and the moon). Ming Zhu means bright pearl and apparently, the name of a noble person in Chinese history. A couple of times in the past year, I mentioned Ming's name to several native speakers. Their reactions were always similar...they'd repeat the name, look far off and then smile at me meaningfully. With the last one, I finally asked, "Is there a secondary meaning I don't know about?" He said, "Of course. The obvious meaning is bright pearl but the hidden meaning is that of a daughter who is so precious to her a precious pearl that he keeps in his vest pocket so that she is nearby." Here is a picture of Mommy Ming, our precious little girl. The multiple picture is that of Ming and her sisters Katie and Maggie. Ming is the active one on the left. Finally, this is a picture of Ming winning a major.

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Pearl ♀♫☼♪☺♣ said...

Hi, I've googled myself & found ur page. OMGies, my name is a dog's name! A very cute doggie~ A good inside to the story behind my chinese name that I never know. Love, Pearl(that's my 1st name & used since it's in my birthcert).