Saturday, May 24, 2008

May 24 (3) - Expanding the Real Estate

We saw the puppies move up to a new abode - from a cardboard box to a nice puppy pen back a few weeks ago.   Now the pen works for a while but looking ahead, the pen may be a wee small as these pups grow and grow.  Therefore, new real estate is needed.  A matched puppy pen was ordered and received!  To maximize space, we put the two pens side-by-side.  Of course it helps that the pens have a door opening. 

Our thought is that one side is a sleep area and the other is an "outside" locale.  As you can see, a tunnel of sorts bridges the pens. What has developed is that the puppies favor the tunnel.  Whether it's dark and inviting or they just like what seems a new fresh space remains to be seen. 

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