Saturday, September 13, 2008

Julep Loses Hair!

While many dog owners groom their dogs using shears, true Westies need to have their coats stripped. Yes it does sound a bit rough but in essence it's a lot of plucking and pulling softer puppy hair to get at the wiry rougher coat that Westies are known for.  Julep does have a lot of soft long hair when she came to us (see also the post below with the video) and it's been a multi-day effort in getting at the undercoat.  Here are some pictures of her.  She does look a lot different than when she came to us.  No, it's not entirely done yet.  We'll follow up with finished shots later. 

The background and table should be familiar with those who follow the blog.  Julep was very cooperative for these sets of shots.

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