Monday, September 22, 2008

We Knew The Puppies are SMART.....

We have been hearing from the puppies' caregivers and some have been receiving professional training (individually or in a group). These are a few of the comments that the trainers have made to the caregivers:

(about Duncan)
"By the way, he is the best pooch in his puppy training class. The teacher says she has never seen such an obedient and laid back Westie."

(about Tucker)
"We have started puppy school. The trainer is a judge as well. She commented on how smart he is!"

These are a few of the comments from caregivers:

(about Piper)
"She’s the sweetest, smartest puppy ever (you’ve probably heard that before!)".

So, we knew they are all very SMART, SWEET, quite resourceful too. But I think Duncan takes the prize here because he has graduated to doing HOUSEWORK! He is doing the dishes, the laundry, and guarding the house! We always knew he is the sensitive male type.

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