Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Walk with Three

What's life with three dogs? Some may argue that it's a lot easier than with 9 puppies and one adult dog. There are differences. The puppies were somewhat contained in a holding pen and Ming was the only one that had to go out consistently. Now with two puppies in addition to Ming, going out can be a handful. Here is a video of a nice long walk. There were two people walking them and all three dogs (as usual)are inquisitive. Dog owners know that a nice pace may be interrupted by the scent of another dog. Keep this in mind as you are viewing the opening seconds of the video. Each dog is "taking it all in."

These dogs can get their leashes tangled up; this has occurred on multiple occasions. Nevertheless, each dog really enjoys the exercise. Typically, Mom Ming lead the pack and the puppies follow behind keeping an eye on Mom. But when Ming is very far ahead and the puppies are behind being distracted. Mom does look back and wait for them. We noticed in an ideal setting that Julep and Audrey like to walk abreast of Ming in almost a "v" formation. As we walk on a path that is residential and opens up on a larger road, the traffic and noise do not faze the puppies. Each morning, all the puppies clamor to get out. More on that another time.

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