Monday, September 8, 2008

Ming, Julep and Audrey

So how did Ming greet her offspring Julep? Initially, we believe that she didn't know who Julep was. Julep was just another Westie. As we put Julep in the pen with Ming, there was some growling and we were a bit concerned. So we took Julep out of the pen. We re-introduced them about 30 minutes later and discovered such a wonderful thing...Ming sniffed Julep in the ear and in the rear - as she used to sniff all her puppies every morning. (After sniffing them, Ming used to sniff their droppings. When she was satisfied that everything was normal [I guess an off smell indicated illness?], Ming would settle down and feed them.) Anyway, Ming's expression changed and she realized that Julep is her daughter. She started licking Julep and Julep was giving her puppy kisses back. Ming tried to clean Julep the way she used to when Julep was a newborn. It was so heartwarming to watch. Julep and Audrey, also after some initial period of growling, began to run around the house and play together. When they were done, they looked for the air conditioning vents. When they found one, they sat on it to cool off.

Here is a video of the three calmly interacting.

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