Friday, September 19, 2008

SoS or Sisters on Steps

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since Julep arrived and we must say that she is getting along really well with her sister and mother. Rarely do we get them together to stay still. In this instance, we were readying for our morning walk. As you can see, they are clearly compliant. The added bonus was that they stayed together long enough and still enough for this shot.

Look at their likeness. There are traits that come straight out at you to tell you that they are indeed related. Well, it's like human kids, they look similar yet there are small things that set them apart. Both look very much like Ming when she was a puppy at their age. We're happy that they also have some quintessential Westie traits; notice their very black noses and eyes. In the picture (for you at home keeping score), Julep is on the left. You may be wondering what the pillows in the background are all about. It's our feeble attempt at preventing the puppies from going upstairs. Often when they are out of sight, we get suspicious. It has worked so far!

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