Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 4 -Orange! - Post Used to be Purple

We have to say that technology is great since it provides us an opportunity to document and share our Ming and her puppies. Imagine back several years ago where attaching pictures to email (still done today) was the norm and even further back when taking still photos and mailing them to friends and family was the only way to share your joy. Fast forward today and we have so many tools at our disposal.

EDIT 6/1 - PM: Senility has clearly set in as we misrepresented the pictures. In the zeal of photographing in the early AM, we forgot who was who. So this is Orange, a boy. The giveaway came when we closely inspected the nose. Whereas Purple has some black coming in, Orange has yet to develop the Westie nose pigment.

XXXXX NOPE: So in today's post we present Purple, the only girl of the bunch.XXXXX

Their personalities have yet to come out and we'll be monitoring them as they get bigger. Again, we are really happy that the puppies are eating well and growing. Yet we also feel sympathy for Ming. While she is doing her motherly duties - guarding, caring and feeding her young, she is cooped up 24 X7 doing this. It'll be interesting to see when she feels that she can disconnect but we believe it will be a while. Even when we take the puppies out to examine them, she is anxious and sits up and watches our every move. Only when her puppy is returned does she relax.

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