Sunday, June 21, 2009

Playtime and Sleeptime

The puppies about 3.5 weeks now. They've opened their eyes and taking in the world around them. They're also discovering each other. As you can see in this video, they (Green and Blue) are playful at their sister (Purple's) expense. Note that Purple is a back sleeper and zonked out while her brothers bite (puppies don't have teeth yet) a front paw and the snout. The other brother Orange just wants to sleep as well.

Not to fear, we've observed Purple dominating her brothers as well. It appears she is an alpha female when we looked. Also, you'll notice the colored collars on each puppy for better identification than just the nail polish on the hinds. As the nail polish fades, we're hesitant to reapply as the odor may turn Ming off. If that's the case then the puppies cannot bond or get nourishment from Mom.

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