Thursday, June 4, 2009

Puppies Progress - Weight

As we go from the anecdotal reports of how each puppy is doing, we now throw on our white lab coats (actually we don't own any but that's besides the point) and measure each offspring's weight. Weight is a good indicator of health, whether they're feeding enough, just right, or more than their fair share. In Ming's first pregnancy, this exercise served us well since there were nine and we needed to determine which one needed supplement. With Ming's second litter, there is no fear that each puppy is not getting enough nourishment as each puppy is growing nicely. So looking at the chart (click on the picture for a better look), what major points can we pull out of it?

As we said before, Blue was the stout one but in the last couple of days, Orange has been catching up with Blue. They are the same weight! Also, one of the differences relative to the first pregnancy is the astounding weight gain per day. There is no flatness, the slope of growth is very nice. Weight aside, while puppies spend their days feeding, pooping and eating, we observe that Orange sleeps more than the others. Perhaps there is something to the notion that if you don't sleep, you don't grow. And this is Orange's secret weapon to beat his brother.

Other things to note, Ming got a bath a day ago. Honestly, she looked disheveled and her appearance did not befit the champion she is. We can say that not only does she look good, she has a vibrancy about her. Ming appears more energetic and has a better appetite. She is even less stressed over leaving her puppies for a minute or two.

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