Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thinking - no sleeping outside the box

You must know that over used term, "Thinking outside the box." What does it have to do with the puppies? Absolutely nothing. Quite frankly, the creativity levels have diminished of late. Still when we looked at the puppies' (and Ming's) humble abode of a box, there was a sliver of inspiration in which we can salvage something witty.

The weather has been quite warm and with the puppies sleeping in the box lined with fleece with their fur coats, we concluded maybe they were a tad warm. Perhaps it was also their cute cries and Ming's panting that also clued us in that they needed a change in scenery. So outside the box they go. While the vinyl covering seems warm and sticky to humans, the puppies welcomed the change.

Ming likes the change as well as she has yet another spot to feed them.

As you can see this one is so relaxed that he sleeps on his back.

The rest of the shots show the puppies using every crevice available. Enjoy the random shots.

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