Monday, June 1, 2009

What About Audrey?

As a new sibling is born, the question invariably arises, how's so and so handling the new baby? Is so and so all right?

So some of you may have asked the same question of Audrey. Well to put it mildly on the day after Ming gave birth, she was confused. Why was her mother not playing with her and why is Ming sleeping in another place? What are all these new smells and sounds?

To be sure, Audrey has not been her usual self. That is to say she was always prompting Ming to play with her. Now Ming is missing and inaccessible. We noted some lethargy and lack of eating in the beginning. Some of us observers theorized that there is some sympathetic post-pregnancy going on. Perhaps it's the pheromones/oxytocin that Ming is sending through by osmosis. Audrey is much more calm than her usual self. Occasionally, Audrey accompanies Ming for a walk to "let nature call" and there is that companionship regained.

Today, it seemed like old times as Ming came out and Audrey looked at her intently and both chased each other for fun for a few minutes, just like the old times (a couple of weeks ago). To summarize - how's Audrey? She is adjusting to her new environment.

Oh, she likes her new siblings too.

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