Friday, June 5, 2009

The Routine

One has to give credit to mothers as they are pretty much dedicated to caring for their young and have temporarily left their carefree days behind. Ming has settled on a routine of staying with her young 24 X 7. As we've noted previously, when she takes care of 'nature' she is usually diligent about going back to her puppies. If we ignore her, she stands next to the pen and waits for us. Occasionally, Audrey comes over to try to play but Ming is focused and wants back in. The puppies are just over a week old and I can imagine this is Ming's routine for at least a month or two. We took some random shots this morning. Here is Purple sleeping soundly. Why is she alone? Well, it's because her brothers are feeding! Apparently she may have to fight with her brothers for food in the future!

Packing is an animal trait and Westies are no different. Although they don't have their eyes open, they sense each other. But siblings are also useful as chin rests. Here is Orange taking advantage of brother Blue.

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