Thursday, July 10, 2008

Au Revoir Ma Petite Jaune/Vert (Sprite, Julep)

Dear self-confident and loving Sprite has left but we will see her soon. She has left to live with fabulous caregivers who already love her. They are a great match and I am so glad that Julep has this splendid, thoughtful and lovely couple as her caregivers. They brought Julep a cold chew bone for the car ride in case she is teething. They reported that they just love Julep and that she slept all the way home. She woke up and explored the house, fearlessly (that's our little Julep), like it's hers. She was last seen eating "at her own pace". *SMILE*

Who would have thought such a small puppy can turn out so cute?

Julep was always a great sleeper despite her noisy surroundings.

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