Friday, July 18, 2008

Getting Outside and Learning

Pink and Duncan are in the transitional stages of housebreaking as we put them in the pen inside when things get a little hectic. They sleep in a crate at night to train them to hold it in until the morning.

In the morning, they go 'outside.' While we do take them for short walks to acclimate them to their external surroundings, we use a small pen to give them some fresh air. There they get to smell the grass and dirt and reinforce where they're going to go and do their 'business' - outside. When they get inside and run around, we anticipate that they'll make the connection that inside is where they live.

Anyway, here are some outside 'pen' pics. It was a warm day (humid too) when we took this and when Pink and Duncan came in, they seemed to be relieved to be in an air conditioned environment. Duncan even put his body across the air vent to get maximum cool.

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