Monday, July 7, 2008

The Remaining Half-Dozen: Green Black

It's almost feeling empty nest around here.  One of the concerns we had was the fact that the puppies weren't eating much then it dawned upon us that there are three missing and that six cannot eat the same amount as nine. Whew!  On the bright side, there are less mouths to feed and on the downside, we do miss all nine of them together.  As we have discussed before, the remaining half-dozen seem to be oblivious to their siblings' departure but maybe we're not so sure.  Some have been irritable  and sometimes too quiet.  Oh well, we will never know the truth but we can focus on the ones remaining.  So here we are going  to highlight the remaining few so that we can look back on the blog and see what they looked like and capture our impressions of each as they prepare for their journey to other homes.  Without further ado, here is Green Black (a.k.a Duncan - already named by new caregivers).  He is quite the attention monger and loves to be with people. 

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