Tuesday, July 15, 2008

You Will Behave!

One of the things we marvel at is the maternal instinct that just pops up. When the puppies were first born, Ming knew what to do to feed her offspring. When we were retiring for the night, she made a headcount, sniffing each one to make sure they were all there. When we were carrying one away to be groomed, she was protective and followed us around to ensure her pup's safety. Now as the brood has thinned out, there are just two in the household remaining. Green Black (Duncan) and Pink (yet to be named) are getting individual attention and to be honest, it's better all around instead of Ming being swarmed by all nine.

As we observe, Ming is not taking lip from any of them, wanting them to submit to her. It sounds rough as she tries to tell them who is boss. Occasionally we hear some loud growling but we were assured by old Westie hands that this is entirely normal. Some of it is playing, other disciplining, and teaching.

Below is a video of Ming and Pink. Pink is staying as a permanent member of our household and she gets the most "attention" from Ming of the two pups primarily because she challenges Ming more. She may have a stubborn streak as well. Ming usually just runs around and plays with Duncan while disciplining him occasionally.

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