Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kind of Empty

Back at the end of June, there were nine.  The sounds of nine puppies was a bit overwhelming.  The pen as you can see below served as a holding area but we also created two other pens to separate the litter.  As you can see below, it was a bit stuffed but the pups loved it because they enjoyed packing with each other. 

Here it is on our second day without the seven that departed and it feels kind of empty.   
Duncan (Green Black) seems sad, doesn't he? The pen is certainly big enough for both puppies to stretch out in.  Now that there are fewer, we've been reinforcing the need for the puppies to hold it in and wait until they go outside to..well, go outside.  Both have performed brilliantly and from the reports of the other caregivers, every litter mate is picking up on the house breaking stuff.  Many marvel at how smart their pup is.  We're very happy to hear all these great stories.  Keep them coming.

Also you see pictures of Pink and in a rare moment, I caught her when she was "talking" to me.  You can see all those nice puppy teeth.

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