Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pent Up Energy

Sitting in a confined space can make anyone uptight, irritable and anxious. It's no different with our puppies. These Westies are energy packed and need to release it. The video below shows what happens when we let four loose. Let me tell you it was a hard time following them. You may note several things: 1) They can run in tight circles really quickly, 2) They have such an explosive start from rest, 3) They can turn on a "dime" (definition: to change direction very quickly), 4) They are very inquisitive, and 5) They do not like to be confined. There are probably more observations but these are the only ones that I can come up with to try to sound knowledgeable on a blog. Apologies in advance for the dizzying camera work. It is very hard to keep up with them.

What to do? We are reminded of a television personality named Caesar Milan, also known as the Dog Whisperer.

He advocated getting energy out of the dog by using a couple of methods - walking the pet a lot, on a bike with the pet in tow, or placing the pet on a treadmill (yes, a thought provoking suggestion!). We do not have a treadmill but that would indeed come in handy occasionally, cycling the dogs and giving them at least a turn. Alas, we fall back to letting them run around indoors for now.

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