Sunday, July 20, 2008

Where Is the Ball Ming?

Where is the ball Ming? It is a question that evokes a Pavlovian response from Ming. In the past couple of years, the main object of Ming's fun time and obsession has been this blue ball. Other dogs may favor a chew toy or bone but our Ming seems to relish in this object.
The ball is nothing special. It is in fact a beginner's squash ball that had been around and useless until we discovered that the size of the ball was the perfect fit. And the durability held up to our Westie's teeth and bite.

We usually play fetch with Ming with it and she just cannot stop playing. Although she pants from literally 15 minutes of fetch, she cannot stop even when she is tired. It's sort of like humans and eating one potato chip - you cannot stop until the bag is empty.

Anyway, since the pups have made it on the scene, the fetch sessions aren't as frequent as she likes. On top of this, when the pups have full run of the house, they see this ball and play with it. The following video shows Ming trying to get the ball from Duncan in the beginning. She doesn't want to bully him or overpower him but she finally gets the ball and then loses it again under the couch. With dogged (pun intended) determination, she tries to dig for the ball.

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